GLOBAL MOVEMENT FOR A CULTURE OF PEACE CPNN USA is a site of the Culture of Peace News Network, a global network of interactive Internet sites in many languages where readers exchange information about events, experiences, books, music, and web news that promote a culture of peace. It is a project of the United Nations International Decade for a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence for the Children of the World. You, the reader, are invited to contribute.

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How can we know if the culture of peace is advancing?
Reports from CPNN-USA

Cisco CCNA Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices part 1 Training ICND1
... The Cisco ICND1 training course focuses on providing the skills and knowledge necessary to install, operate, and troubleshoot a small LAN (network), including configuring switches, and routers ,connecting to a WAN and implementing network security

..."Molly Melching went to Senegal to do field research for a few months right after college and basically never came back ... She is the founder of Tostan, a Senegal-based NGO that uses education based on human rights to empower families and communities in Western Africa."

The Earth's Bright Future
..."Sir Richard Branson has launched The Virgin Earth Challenge, offering a $25 million reward to the scientist (or group of scientists) that develops the technology to remove carbon dioxide from the earth's atmosphere."

A Peace Party
...More than 100 people attended, including representatives from about twenty peace action groups in the greater Boston area, each of whom had a couple of minutes to describe their current activities."

A Life Free of Violence Is Our Right
.."In the past ten years UNIFEM has made great strides with the help of the UN Trust Fund to End Violence against Women, and to bring this issue to the table of the international community."

Concert Co Exist
..."A young Lebanese man and university classmates who had come together to fund raise for Lebanese and Israeli victims of war organized the concert."

"A Candle" A song to give peace a chance
..."I am a social artist that belongs to the New Song Movement (Latin folk)... I know what violence is I grew up with it, my family was affected by it. ."

Paul's Peace Pole
..."A Peace Pole acts as a silent prayer and message (May Peace Prevail On Earth) for peace on Earth and there are hundreds of them now "planted" into Mother Earth in many countries.."

Diego Rivera, the Father of Guadalupe
..."how Diego Rivera, a man impassioned about his own dream of a Culture of Peace, painted for his people"

A Grassroots Initiative for Peace – When A Name Doesn’t Matter
..."I expected to see only a small handful of people to attend. Instead, a group of more than 60 people showed up to join the round table discussion and to decide what actions they might engage in."

Culture of Peace
Key Values

The culture of peace, as defined by the United Nations, is much more than just peace. It includes the full range of positive alternatives needed to replace the culture of war and violence that has dominated 5,000 years of human history:

Respect all life
Reject violence
Share with others
Listen to understand
Preserve the planet
Rediscover solidarity
Work for women's equality
Participate in democracy